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S Sense enables organisations and individuals to find their essence and bring value to what they do.

Below you will find examples of how S Sense workshops are creating business value and enhancing people’s personal lives.

All workshops can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

Design Your Scent

Translate your vision into scent and learn about the beauty and power of communicating through perfume. This workshop helps you to design and develop your own unique scent, to offer a new perspective on your life and projects. The delivery of Design Your Scent workshops produces:

  • Fine Fragrance Products
  • Personal Perfumes
  • Scented Candles
  • Environment scents (scent for application in spaces)

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Study Perfume through Synesthesia

This introduction to perfume session teaches you how to use perfume as a creative language. You will explore perfume ingredients and some compositions through a synesthetic experience of sight, hearing, taste and touch.

As a result of this highly interactive session, you will discover the raw materials, the different “families of odours” and their role in creating a perfume story. You will also learn about their origins and extraction methods used. This unique experience is for:

  • perfume lovers
  • people who wish to awaken their senses
  • professionals who work with perfume in retail, sales, marketing, PR and training.

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Networking and Teambuilding

The exploration of scents enables people to come together in a fun and spontaneous way, build relationships, rapport with each other and increase morale.

The synesthetic experience of perfume helps companies, organisations and groups of individuals work together, understand and learn from each other. S Sense creates:

  • inspiring networking events
  • enlightening motivational experiences
  • engaging, sensory team-building sessions

Caring For The Disabled

The use of the sense of smell and other sensory stimuli can positively affect those who suffer sensory impairment and different disabilities, as well as those who care for them.

These workshops are an effective method for:

  • training staff to deliver more effective treatments
  • offering users a unique creative therapy.

Heal Yourself

This is a unique restorative session that teaches you how to increase your wellbeing through the healing power of natural essential oils. As a result, you learn how to encourage change and bring positivity to your daily personal and professional life. This is achieved by:

  • experiencing the effects of meditation and different breaths
  • exploring how perfume can benefit ourselves
  • increasing and sharing our awareness with others.

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