Nicola regularly presents at conferences and for public and private events worldwide, to overwhelming response.


Part of “A Workshop on Poison” held at University College London. From the curators: “An anti-visual strategy. The subject is looking at how something so small and invisible can be or become a very powerful force.” We looked at fragrance in religion, renaissance, perfumery fiction, emotions and contemporary art.

Perfume & Wine

Olfactory training on perfume & wine, delivered with wine journalist Maggie Rosen. Presented at “Sorsi d’Autore” wine festival, an initiative by Fondazione Aida, Istituto Ville Venete, Conzorzio Prosecco & Valpolicella wines, Italian Association of Sommeliers.

DNA of Niche Perfumes

Presented at Luxe Pack Monaco 2014. As the niche perfume market segment evolves, this lecture analysed their “DNA”, exploring the creative journey behind them and their future.

Scent Awakening

Held for the British Society of Perfumers in London and the Scent Marketing Institute in New York, this is a holistic smelling session which invites participants to explore how scents can affect and enhance our lives.

Olfactory Art Talk

This unique fragrance lecture raises participants’ awareness about the use of fragrance as an art form and the existing olfactory art scene. Held at Naila Art Gallery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Smells of Saudi Arabia

Presented at Exscence 2014 in Milan (Italy), this is a highly unique olfactory journey into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, exploring Arabian smells and their significance within this rich Middle Eastern perfume culture.

The Smell of Law

Held at the School of Law, University of Westminster, this interactive fragrance lecture looks for “the smell of law”, exploring the connections between fragrance and law, working on associations and cultural perceptions.

Perfume: Space and Body for the Human Experience

This interactive lecture opened the 2012 Presidency of the British Society of Perfumers. Nicola engaged with the audience questioning our perception of perfume and how it would change in the future.