Nicola Pozzani, Founding Director

Founder of S Sense and Lecturer on fragrance at London College of Fashion, UAL (UK) and Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland). Associate Member of British Society of Perfumers.

Also known as Synesthetic Provocateur, a self-proclaimed “Perfume Gypsy” Nicola travels the world sharing and pursuing knowledge and inspiration on fragrance.

An Italian-born creative man with a natural flair for languages, Nicola decides to go down a fragrance path after a life-changing encounter with Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, who initiated him into this art at the “Università dell’Immagine”, academy of the five senses in Milan, Italy.

From this moment, Nicola sees fragrance as an art form and as a way to enhance people’s lives and he soon starts working for leading fragrance houses and brands between the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His unique expertise is also the result of a very much enjoyed TEFL experience as well as a holistic meditation practice.

Nicola has been a Guest Speaker, amongst others, for the British Society of Perfumers (UK), the Scent Marketing Institute in New York (US) and his work has been featured on British Vogue.

He shares a commitment to the advancement of perfumery education with Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, with whom he worked on the first scent installation for the Venice Architecture Biennale and created “A Sense for Scents”, education programme on the sense of smell for school children.

 Nicola doesn’t know where his home is and lives out of a fragrant suitcase. Sometimes more than one!